Topics for future talks

A list of things that seem to fit the structure of our little sessions.

  • The corpus callosum
  • Neuroanatomy – the brain’s base
  • Dural AV-fistulas
  • Idiopathic epilepsies – typical EEG findings
  • Strokes in the ACA territory
  • Do brainstem strokes profit from rtpa?
  • CO poisoning and MRI
  • bilateral basal ganglia imaging abnormalities (cf. DD for Bilateral Abnormalities of the Basal Ganglia and Thalamus. Radiographics 2011)
  • The chest x ray on a stroke unit (i.e., ap):
  • Management of Patients With Atherosclerotic Carotid Occlusion
  • Critical illness myopathy and polyneuropathy
  • ecic-bypass
  • adrenaline for resuscitation
  • cortisone for ventilated copd-pts – alia et al. arch int med 2011
  • im-midazolame vs lzp
  • the smoking rtpa paradox

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments.


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