Stroke associated infections

Yesterday, we discussed the situation of an elderly patient with dysphagia and right hemiparesis due to a third media stroke developing fever. We stressed that

  • Not every elevated temperature is fever
  • Not every fever means infection
  • Not every infection in stroke is aspiration or UTI

We mentioned the peculiarities of stroke-induced immunosuppression with highly reagible yet insufficient nonspecific immune reactions. Then we came to the core of the topic, namely the difference between stroke-associated pulmonary disease and aspiration pneumonia, developing criteria to be used in our local “Weissbuch” – the stroke manual of the Zentralklinikum Augsburg.


Subarachnoid hemorrhage treatment

Since SAHs are usually left to our neurosurgeons, we are rarely confronted with this highlight of neurointensive care. Sad enough. So we will grab the current case of an iatrogenic SAH during endovascular stroke treatment (a rupture of the ICA) to illustrate management.