This blog serves as my memory storage for the contents of our daily team rounds’ CME talk. The talks usually start at 15:30 and take about 20-40 minutes. Each talk starts with a case vignette and is supposed to cover only small chunks of Neurology in all subspecialties, from Basic Science, Anatomy and Physiology to particular diseases to special management issues, but also investigations, internal medicine problems, ethical and other professional aspects of everyday Neurology. We end with with a handout, usually a current article on the issue at hand and students are provided electronic sources as well. The talks are supposed to be interactive and driven by discussion rather than by me, yet the style of thetalk varies from day to day.
I understand my role in these sessions as falicitator and literature researcher – the most annoying aspect of learning about a topic is to find the best article about it and this is what I do.

Every member of our department is invited, yet most cannot find the time for these sessions, so that we end with about 6-8 participants, all highly intelligent young residents, keen on any info they can get their hands on.

I am a Neurology Oberarzt (~ attending) with special interests in Neurovascular diseases at Zentralklinikum Augsburg.

Felix Joachimski


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  1. Diese Seite ist pures Gold! Danke dafür sagt eine Werdende-Allgemeinmedizinerin-die-in-einer-Neurologie-Geriatrie-als-Internist-arbeitet

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