Visual hallucinations in Lewy Body Dementia

We start with the case of Prof. Adrian Thomas in John Katzenbach’s The Professor – trying a differential of the described symptomatology (which is supposed to be CLBD, but then really isn’t). We use this current article to discuss visual hallucinations (VH) in movement disorders, a fascinating subject.

Some of the core messages:

  • They are really more of a late symptom, but very prevalent. Yet in my experience pseudohallucinatory presence-like phenomena occur quite often and even as prodrome in PD and LBD.
  • VH are usually not a symptom of L-Dopa-overdose, whereas psychosis and auditory hallucinations can be.
  • Many structures are suspected to be involved – from the Amygdala to the Thalamus, to the parietotemporal cortex.

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