Troponin in Stroke

Do you measure cTnI or cTnT routinely in your stroke patients? We do neither, yet we do obtain a  CRP or Na nearly daily. Is there any rationale behind this? Should you get troponins on your right sided insular lesions? And what if it is raised – do you have to order a cardiac workup? Do you give ASS and Clop to all these patients as for NSTEMIs?

Muddy waters… We are going to tread carefully, distinguishing between pre- and peristroke troponins, their role im identifying CHF and AF patients, the prestroke MI problem, the concept of neurocardiogenic disturbance (analogous to SAB) and what Tako-Tsubo has to do with it, and finally, we discuss the risk of peristroke MI and how to separate this entity from the rest, if possible.


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