Fever in stroke

Hypothermia in malignant MCA infarction in ICH is still a fascinating idea despite all the technical (and theoretical) problems the approach has. But we will not delve into this experimental approach but concentrate on the technically similarly problems of (near) normothermia and fever in stroke.
Nothing is known about this except that higher temperatures portend a bad outcome. We conclude (but have not proven) that we should lower raised temperatures. The means are legion (physical, drugs, cold infusions, CoolGard) but none have been properly examined. The only thing we know is that it is possible to establish a temperature management program. Whether this helps or not is unclear. Since we have one, we discuss it.
Most of what forms the basis of this discussion can be found in a recent article by the Erlangen gang (Kollmar et al) in this Cerebrovascular Disease 2011 article, which is free access by the way.


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