Fabry and Stroke

In our forthcoming internal Stroke Handbook we establish Fabry Screening for all Stroke-in-the-Young (< 46yo).

Now imagine receiving a positive screening result in a standard “cryptogenic stroke” of a 36 yo farm worker suffering from a lacunar stroke. What signs and symptoms of Fabry’s could we have looked for, what questions asked?

The reason why I am presenting this topic is SIFAP which continues to release small chunks of knowledge about stroke in the young and – expectedly – also found some examples of Fabry’s in an unselected population of less than 55 year old strokes. Remember that up to 40% of the patients may first come to light through a stroke…

Unfortunately, I only have a small leaflet about Fabry’s from Shire, but you can probably find a good review article online if you search for it.


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