Cerebral microbleeds

It is quite unfair that Neurologists tend to withhold useful treatment from patients, such as thrombolysis, ASS or anticoagulants, once they learn about the microbleeds in gradient echo sequences (such as the one used in B0 imaging of DWI).

We discuss T2*, GRE, SWI, the neuroradiological problems in standardizing the diagnosis of microbleeds, the differential as well as clinical consequences, using the following articles

  • Cordonnier. Brain microbleeds: more evidence, but still a clinical dilemma. Curr Op Neurol 2011
  • Cordonnier. Microbleeds. Pract Neurol 2010 and also Lancet Neurology 2009
  • Bokura. Microbleeds Are Associated With Subsequent Hemorrhagic and Ischemic Stroke in Healthy Elderly Individuals. Stroke 2011
  • Blitstein. MRI of microbleeds. AJR 2007

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