Tirofiban and SATIS

In August, the SATIS trial was finally published. After the disturbing results of AbESTT (or however it was spelled) this reintroduces GP IIb/IIIa antagonists into the stroke arsenal. Although the data look fine to me and I really use Tirofiban a lot, I wonder

  • The trial stopped enrolling 2008, since then the manuscript is “pending” according to clinicaltrials.gov
  • The manuscript was received in August 2010.

So what happened during all those years?

We discuss the publication and the pharmacology of Tirofiban.

What are the indications? The following is my personal opinion:

  • Lacunar stroke with fluctuating course
  • After thrombolysis AND recanalization
  • In high grade stenoses before intervention (say basilar artery stenosis)

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