Dissociative facial paralysis

It is rare when thetraditional  New England Journal of Medicine forgets it’s past. Thus you have to conclude that the appearance of two “Images in Clinical Medicine” on our topic of yesterday within 12 years is intentional rather than careless:

What do you think?
Whatever, we explore the classic phenomenon of dissociative facial paralysis which led old textbooks  to infer a localizing value of volitional facial paralysis (e.g. has to be capsular or higher). Nowadays we know from case reports that emotional facial paralysis can appear in medullary, AICA, capsular and many more lesion locations, leaving the path of emotional facial innervation completely unclear and thus reducing the localizing value of dissociation.
So in my view, it is still one of the most fascinating physiological (and phylogenetic) facts that nature decided to devote so much energy intoproducing  emotional facial expression (also having to come up with quite a lot of machinery to recognize them). But it helps nada in the daily life of a Neurologist.

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