Gyri and Sulci of the lateral view of the brain

One of the most obvious core qualifications of a Neurologists is neuroanatomy knowledge. We are going to recap gyri, sulci and lobes. First we are filling in all annotations on the medical color book page, then compare it to the Sobotta atlas and finally (most importantly) try to identify the gyri on axial T1 images.

Added after the fact: It is easy to locate the frontal gyri on the mri once you identified the frontal end (which is not identical to the frontal pole!). For the temporal gyri start with the central sulcus (a problem in itself, but we covered this in a previous session), extend it into the temporal operculum, then take the highest gyrus there as the superior temporal gyrus. The most difficult one is the inferior parietal gyrus, since the intraparietal sulcus is hard to identify.


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